About Us

…you won’t miss the boat with us!

More than 50 years ago De Santis family, expecially its forefather Nino, still sixteen and student, begins his entrepreneurial adventure and starting from a small car body repair shop, with attached a car fuel supply activity, he succeded to create an installation for boats fuel supply in Crotone Old Port – South Basin.
So he began, with a 1000 lt tank truck, the bunkering activity that definitively fulfills in the 80s with an utter installation.
Since he was just a boy he cherished the passion for the sea, as testified by his adventure mate Doufour 29. With some of his friends, he is a charter member of Italian Naval League – Crotone Division. Today he passed on the torch to his son Franco but he still offers, in spite of his age, his effort and his experience to family business through a persistent presence on their installations.

Through the years De Santis family has been able to offer professionalism and cordiality and Franco still continues forward with the values that represented for his father the distintive character of their business. The respect for these values, in fact, translates into respect for the client, for a human level success besides an entrepreneurial one.

Franco’s passion for his job and his helpfulness for the customers soon turned into respect and friendship: this is what makes a business grow! And this takes the clients to pass the way of Crotone Port just for some greetings or for two chats with a dear friend.
One between the others, the great Lucio Dalla, always remembered by De Santis family with affection and emotion.
Lots of well-known personalities stopped over here with their yachts: big entrepreneurs, politicians, sportpersons, showmen, italian and not.
But the locals never knew about their stay: De Santis family always kept it private, far from obtrusiveness and indiscretion, with the right care and privateness!